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The Gurkha Max Pvt.Ltd. the leading and pioneering Pre-Gurkha Army recruitment [British Gurkha army,Gurkha contingent Singapore Police Force (GCSPF), French foreign legion army, Indian army,Nepal army, Study abroad, Gurkha Security Guard, Personality Development and Youth Skill] training organization was established with the slogan of Discipline, Development, Self Defense envision SOCIAL SERVICE and National Glory through PHYSICAL FITNESS and MENTAL SHARPNESS in youths.


Gurkha Max Pvt.Ltd. is Popularly known as One of the oldest, most renowned and most adventurous Pre – British Army and Singapore Police Training Centres, was established at SAMAKUSHI, KATHMANDU. Since its establishment, the centre has been run under the proper trainings and remarkable guidance of Ex-British Army, Singapore police, Indian army officers, well qualified Physical Training Instructor (PTI) and academicals personality. It is the reason why the centre has successfully completed its journey in the field of Gurkha recruitment and other several activities. Having earned great reputation extended from village to town all over Nepal and even in international level, it has proved itself as the most reliable training centre for enthusiastic trainees, and for those who are fond of Army life.


Over the history of by gone days, we have been doubtlessly confirmed that out of the British Army recruitment has been occupied by the trainees trained from this training centre.